Export Management Department

Zarexir Export Management Department undertakes duties as an export intermediate for foreign and Iranian manufacturers and exporting companies and in this regard they assist enterprises to enter into global markets, increasing export of goods and providing consultancy services. . Hermes Corporation can manage all or part of export business of enterprises, depending on requirements and situation of companies, especially small and medium enterprises.

Export Management Department of the company according to an official contract, managing export of companies to determined target countries and they are able to undertake exclusive or non-exclusive representative for all or part of products or services of companies in foreign markets.

Hermes Company provides services to create demand in international markets, as well as proceeding a process to provide proper respond to demand in foreign markets, thereby not only firms benefit from entering into global markets, but also the company benefits from making a long-term relationship between manufacturer and buyer, finally the outcome is for country to achieve one of major goals of expansion that is development of non-oil exports.

Export Management Department

How Zarexir work in Export Management

A. As a representative of manufacturer
in this case our company will present in target market by carrying producer brand name. We work as a partner and company of producer to increase their presence in international market specially in those countries Hermes is active and will raise the brand name of producer in international Market sights.

B. As an exclusive or non-exclusive distributor
Hermes Co. Has this honor to role as exclusive/non-exclusive of representative of producers in international market and by relying on distributing network, guides producers to normalize their products prices to achieve increasing production capacity, export and branding their products in international market.

C. As a trading company
Hermes Co. with relying on it’s investment abilities in export and trades, buys the products form intended producers and exports them directly to international market and will be the introduce of their products and brands.

Services provided by Hermes Export Management Department

Carrying out all measures for creation of demand as well as replying existing or emerging demand in international markets, including:

• Carrying out marketing research to identify target market
• Determining qualitative and quantitative features of required product for target market
• Identifying and selecting a skilled and experienced distributor
• Negotiating to obtain necessary licenses
• Training distributors on how marketing each specific product
• Providing after sales services to customers
• Providing required documents for export of goods or obtaining international tenders of abroad
• Providing requirements and suggestions for marking and packaging of export products
• Determining exact cost of insurance, transportation and etc.
• Providing consultancy for pricing products (goods or services)
• Providing warehousing services in target market
• Coordination of transportation
• Managing risk of payments and obligations of parties

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