Investment Management

In July 2015 Iran and the UNSC signed the JCPOA, under which the nation experienced a decrease in sanctions quantity and quality. Iran’s securities and commodity exchanges will continue to trade in mostly domestic shares over the coming
years and remain small by global standards, even as the easing of trade and investment sanctions against Iran in 2016 has meant the market is now more accessible to international investors. Hermes Co. by accessing and relying on it’s international consultants and being fully aware of local and international geopolitical, economical and legal rules and situations provides a wide range of finanancial services helps it’s partners and clients to achieve their investment purposes in iran and four continents.

Investment Management

Risk Management

Our main goal is consistency and risk control. Based on our assets and abilities, our process uses cutting-edge, risk-based weighting strategies. We offer unconstrained solutions in a range of single and multi-asset classes including equity, fixed income and commodity, whilst providing a transparent, consistent and risk-based approach.

Equity adviser

We’ve got a valuable insight through experience of investigating opportunities in global market. This information has been obtained by expert teams and our investment advisory teams through extensive communication with business developers, traders, Bankers, our lawyers and individuals with a high level of investment knowledge. Through sharing important information with investment companies and individual investors, we can assist them to achieve successful projects by whom getting an appropriate benefits.We work closely with our investment and debt advisers on market transactions, on transactions requiring capital raising, and on dual tracks. As a result we advise on more transactions than any single financing counterparty.

Foreign Direct Investment

of the most interesting cases where multinational companies to invest in different parts of the world are encouraged to discuss the tax laws, the tax issues discussed new technologies such as telecommunications, modern energy, Internet and among companies that are international and multinational has many fans, some vacancies in Iran is clearly felt. To encourage more FDI flows related to infrastructure, economics laws must be more attractive to multinational companies. Hermes Co. is fully aware protection agreements such as BIT, MIT and FIPPA. Focusing on investment Committee and supporting them to have a safe and high return business in Iran is our main direction of investment services.

Project Finance

Regard to lifting of economic and international sanctions against Iran, Central Bank of Iran is in the process of establishing banking relationships with international banks in order to grant bank guarantees, credit lines and financing projects.
Financing method for domestic projects if low and long-term facilities is considered for that is a very appropriate method (if that proved it has a proper economic justification) and if it is possible to sell short-term products with higher profit than financial gain surely it would be an effective method.
Due to the fact that in most of projects benefit from external financing and management of project is by domestic party (Iran), it cause many problems in this area (due to the country’s particular circumstances, and especially in great projects), that finally cause delays in schedule of projects. These delays In spite of reducing financial costs of the project and using more domestic facilities, it may that damages of delays was so high that it does not compensate initial advantages ( financing of project).
Hermes has taken steps to facilitate these services with assistance of its banking team and international relationships and following process of banking system and country’s development plan to attract foreign investment appropriately.

Process of Investment

1- Zarexir Company, according to the expertise of its staffs and various significant fields, concentrates on required activities.
2. To be sure that investment attraction process is done correctly, Hermes Company will first examine the project information including information summary, financial details of project, justification, documents and licenses needed for project, and, if necessary, assist owners of projects to complete them.
3. Considering that there are many ways to fund projects, regard to the kind of plan, Hermes states appropriate investment strategy including direct investment, project finance, usense , BOT, BOO, and etc.for the plan.
4. A project includes several parts, and we are well aware of its components. To attract investment for a project, we will help project owners to complete them in a way that accepted by investors.
5- Due to the extensive international relations and access to a vast source of investors and financial providers, we will outline the plan for them and assisting them to understand that completely.
6. Collaboration of project owners, investors and financial suppliers set in their own formats. We provide appropriate solutions to promote points of view of the parties and leading them to final aim.
7- Signing a contract between project owners and investors will be done through our legal department, by considering all circumstances and interests of the parties, to complete our mission in this section.

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