Management Advisory Services

The experiences of economic development process in developed and emerging countries indicate that management is one of the strongest levers and drivers of development. This need to strengthen and equip management teams in Iran’s industries and organizations is felt absolutely. Our industries and organizations require managers to take advantage of latest advances in management knowledge and experiences of industrialized countries as well as considering primitive conditions in performing their duties in leadership and management, especially in fields of planning, organizing, coordination and control, human resource management, and finally innovation and delivery in a way more effective than before in order to pave the way for economic development of the country.

In the meantime, practical management consulting is provided to assist the organization with aim of improving the managerial performance, analyzing and reforming organizational problems, managerial strategies and organizational development. Management consulting helps organizations prosper through their business processes and analysis.

Management Advisory Services

Why We Provide This Service

Despite challenges of globalization, rapid advancement in technology and dramatic growth of population, it is not surprising that value of advisory services to businesses that seek to surpass their competitors and their continuous excellence is upgraded.
The World Bank points out “adding value to business” is the most important advantage of using advisers and also it is the reason for increasing utilization of consultants in business.
There are several reasons to use management consulting services in organizations and some of the most important ones are:
-Having a multidimensional and outsourced view to identify problems.
-Catalyst of changes in organizations and companies.
-Being at the center of theories and methods of management and development of management profession

Management consulting at the Hermes World Trade Group

“By knowing the importance and role of management consulting, Hermes World Trade Group chose management consultancy as one of its core functions in order to perform its mission that is enhancing capabilities of Iranian executives and organizations for continuous excellence and their ever more powerful entry into global competition.
Hermes worldwide group utilizes all its scientific and technical capabilities to provide professional and specialized consultancy, identifying and analyzing accurately requirements and problems of managers and organizations, designing solutions and integrated systems that are Innovative and cost effective, and implementation of detailed and step-by-step solutions for Iranian organizations, obtaining value increasingly.
Regard to the wide connections this group has in international field, they are able to provide mentioned scientific and practical capabilities for any business in other countries, too.”

Process of providing Consulting Services by Hermes World Trade Group

1. Listen to customers’ requests
We sincerely and sympathetically listen to our customers in order to properly identify concerns and challenges of businesses and, replying their demands according to the actual needs of our customers.
If customers are willing to do this precisely, they can spend more time using various techniques and charts to capture and portray business challenges. Also, in case of lack of transparency in customer business or regard to customer demand, the process of identifying business challenges and customer actual needs can be done through complication finding process. However, the complication finding process is also useful for organizations with specific concerns and issues, as it leads to the identification of issues that are unseen or ignored by managers of organization.

2. Business Needs Analysis
At this stage, based on findings of hearings regard to needs of customers or outcomes from complication finding process, and based on knowledge and experience of consultants team from Hermes World Trade Group, it was presented approaches and methods for addressing and solving business challenges by considering new and creative opportunities. In providing these solutions, it will be considered an integrated and holistic approach, so that a solution for a problem does not lead to another dilemma. Solutions may include the need to design, modification or change of business model; or designing, modification and changing one or more organization’s management systems.

3. Precise design of solutions
At this stage, we will draw up a detailed and concise solution proposed solution (s) to the business, so that it can properly address concerns of organization in form of implementation, and it will assist managers to control challenges of organization. In designing solutions, the maturity of organization is evaluated in challenged subject and application scope of the solution is considered in order to provide a solution tailored to the growth level of organization.

4. Implementation of solutions
Hermes Worldwide Group offers its management advice in clinical form and provides the accuracy of proposed solutions by implementing them in an operational manner to increase the value for their customers.
The solutions are implemented step-by-step and in continuous stages, and during implementation, promotion of level of knowledge and culture of organization to take advantage of the solution will be paid a special attention. Obviously, the correct implementation of four above steps requires co-operation of consultants’ team and business team.

Areas we can provide management consulting services

1. Designing, developing and implementing a strategic management system (business model, business plan, organizational development roadmap and etc.)

2. Design, development and implementation of technology management system (technology strategy, commercialization of technology, technology intelligence, technology roadmap and etc.)

3. Designing and implementing a knowledge management system (documenting knowledge and organizational processes, designing and implementing databases and etc.)

4. Design, development and implementation of project management system (structural failure of work, activities and projects, setting up project management office and etc.)

5. Design and deployment of quality management systems

6. Design and deployment of financial systems

7. Design and implementation of necessary processes to take qualified requirements of knowledge-based companies and registering on site of the Vice Presidency of Technology

8. Complication finding of organizational activities and providing solutions to reach desired situation

9. Performing feasibility studies and preparing economic justification plans

10. Advising and conducting surveys on locating industrial or commercial units

11. Design and holding workshops, exhibitions, conferences and seminars about new tools and methods of management

12. Generate custom-made contents such as publication of journals and specialized brochure

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