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Zarexir Company is a leading company for the supplying of sophisticated steel castings with a wide range of alloys. We have been at the forefront of the continuing growth of casting technology in Iran for over 25 years. Our partner's companies obeying ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by SGS, which assures consistency of quality of our products while maintaining standards in the environment and workplace health and safety. We are able to supply produces more than 10000 ton/year of various casting alloys. Our casting parts are between 5 to 20,000 Kg (net casting weight). we are able to provide you with all-steel grades that conform to ASTM/AISI, GOST, ISO, DIN, B.S, JIS and any other international/national standards.

Supplying for Mining, Pelletizing, Railway and Cement Industries not only requires reliable partners, it demands direct engagement with the costumer’s process. This allows producing parts, which meet standards and unique requirement of the costumer’s process. We don't sale only casting parts we deliver you technical offers as well.

Our partner in billet and balls is one of the leading and well-known producers of steel balls through Skew hot rolling. Using the latest technology and Achievements and also Melting unit - CCM billet - Hot rolling mill and roll forming lines, it has the whole of the production line for steel balls. It makes an advantage for the best quality and best reasonable and competitive price for customers.

Zarexir is a professional industrial suppling company based in Esfahan Iran,specialized in the search and supply of all kind of industrial casting and forging parts in European union, Middle east and eurasian union .The team who assist you has over 15 years of experience in the industry.Acting on behave of customer’s who are in the need of that extra expertise or capacity in supplying in various fields of all main industries, including mining, cement, steelmaking, oil and gas.

We have access to thousands of suppliers from around the world ensuring an efficient and trustworthy relationship between all parties.

    Unit no. 2, 3rd Floor, Asgari Bldg., Vahid Blvd., Isfahan, 8175949989, Iran
   +98 31 377791984
   +98 31 37790524
   +98 990 61 888 63