Skew Rolling


The ability to manufacture metal spheres with very accurate dimensions and surface quality is important in modern industry. One of the main applications of these metal balls is for the ball mills. One of the main ways that these metal spheres are manufactured is by skew rolling. Skew rolling is a metal forging process that uses two specially designed opposing rolls, that rotate continuously. Round stock is fed into the rolls, the material is forged by each of the grooves in the rolls and emerges from the end as a metal ball. The stock is fed through the rolls continuously, but each ball is produced separately, thus it is a discrete process and not a continuous one. Skew rolling, similar to roll forging, is a manufacturing process that bears qualities of both metals rolling and metal forging.

Zarexir providing you with most common chemical compositions for steel ball is 70Cr2 (DIN 1.2007) in a wide range of diameters from 20 mm to 80 mm. Due to the advantage of using steel balls, the most Consumption is in copper and iron ore mining.

Zarexir is a professional industrial suppling company based in Esfahan Iran,specialized in the search and supply of all kind of industrial casting and forging parts in European union, Middle east and eurasian union .The team who assist you has over 15 years of experience in the industry.Acting on behave of customer’s who are in the need of that extra expertise or capacity in supplying in various fields of all main industries, including mining, cement, steelmaking, oil and gas.

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